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Tarot Profiles: New Upgrade:

Tarot Profiles can now be viewed displaying the Six Tarot Cards that represent your Individual and Compatibility Profile, which is a very cool feature, and can be accessed by touching Tarot Profile at the end of the profile you have generated on my app: Numerological DNA Profiles. This is a Tarot Profile of Donald Trump. You can also create a Compatibility Tarot Profile.

This app will give you the opportunity to create Individual and Compatibility Profiles utilizing the expertise of a skilled and knowledgeable numerologist, Anne Walner. Anne has created this one-of-a-kind app in order to give you access to all of her exclusive data and one of a kind insight at your fingertips. In addition after creating numerological Individual and Compatibility Profiles you can tap Tarot Profile at the bottom, and Six Tarot Cards, and a short explanation will be displayed. Incredible now you can create two unique profiles with this app: Numerological and Tarot.   

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