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Q: What do the percentages mean?

A: 0-3: Low 4-7: Average: 8-11: High 12-15: Very High 16 and over: Off the Charts

Q: Can you use nicknames when you enter your individual data?

A: No, you need to enter your name exactly as it appears on the birth certificate.

Q: Does the app save the profiles?

A: Yes, the app automatically saves all the profiles that you generate in alphabetical order by first names.

Q: Can you delete the samples or some of the profiles that you have generated?

A: Yes, you can delete a profile by swiping the name or names to the left and tap on delete.

Q: How do you start the app?

A: Press the + sign in the middle, and choose to create an individual or compatibility profile.

Q: What do the attributes mean?

A: Tap on the attribute, and you can read a short version of the meaning. Tap for more to read the whole meaning

Q: Can you use names from the Individual Profiles to create a Compatibility Profile?

A: Yes swipe two individual profiles to the right to quickly profile compatibility.

Q: Do you add titles like Junior, Senior, First, Second, Third, etc?

A: Yes, if they are on the birth certificate. Use words for any roman numerals like First, Second, and Third.

Q: What do the percentages mean?

A: 0%-4%: Low 5%-7%: Average 8% and 15: High 16% and over : Off the Charts

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