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Astro-Tarot-Numerology Wheel

By Anne Stern Walner

Anne has studied, practiced. taught, presented, appeared on radio and tv, created reports, an app, and now is unveiling her most extraordinary project the Astro-Tarot-NumerologyWhee,l the fidget of Numerology.  Forty-four years of numerological bliss researching and uncovering the world of numbers.

Now you can learn how to calculate numbers to create your personal Numerology chart while linking astrological symbolism, tarot connections, and integrating their meanings.  In addition you will discover how to calculate your personal year, three cycles, personal day, and universal day while spinning the wheel to view the visual images, and text that match the numbers.

On the outside of the wheel are numbers 1-39 on one side and numbers 40-78 on the other side.  There is a window which displays information about the number.  The numbers 1-78 correspond to the tarot cards in the Rider Waite Deck  Side one explains how to create your birth chart, and side two displays how tp calculate your timing.

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